Our mission is to create an all-digital experience for businesses large and small that focuses on User Interface that works!

DishChek originally was released in 2000, shortly after the advent of the small-dish television industry and was the first business application of its kind. Since then both the satellite industry and the software industry have changed in remarkable ways.

DishChek is back and is better than ever. In 2000, DishChek specialized in POS software that was primarily focused on Dish Network and DirecTV retailers. Today, DishChek is online software that offers POS and more and to more industries.

DishChek is now operated by Adler Technology, LLC. Adler Technology offers SaaS or Software as a Service which leads to our specialty of Enterprise Mobility. We don’t just develop software, we develop Responsive Website, Mobile Apps and connect them all together to work efficiently and seamlessly bringing you Enterprise Mobility. We put a lot of focus on you, the end-user, making sure the product not only works but works for you. Our team has over 50 combined years of computer programing and software development experience and have been creating commercial software since 1987.